What are vlogs? Well, if you are new to this word, I am seriously surprised. I mean give me a break dude, you are not new to internet so at least you should now learn about what vlogs are. In the time when video sharing website like youtube is third most visited website in the world, everybody is looking to make a fame if such a platform provide revenue sharing. Just like writing diary is now called blogging on internet, sharing what you feel in a video diary is called vlogging and parts of it are called vlogs. Though there are more than 5 video sharing websites worth mentioning but Youtube alone receive more 400 years of videos everyday.

Vlogs are considered as an integral part of youtube regular viewers. People who spend more than an hour daily on youtube are more likely to follow people who make daily videos, than who are not daily youtube active users. As youtube is earning more than 100,000 people all across the world to make a decent living through making videos, it is quite obvious that people who have a little interest of making videos would love to jump in the game to test their luck. Propitiously, for people who are regular in making videos get even more exposure for their consistency and as a result a lot of them have manged to make a decent audience. Consequently, earning them a good living.

vlogs-fullsize-640x440Making vlogs on youtube is also a trend on youtube, people from all ages are making daily videos and sharing them on youtube. But it should be kept in consideration that vloggers with a family to support are more likely to get more views on youtube. Consider famous youtube families ShaytardsCTFxCBFvsGFItsJudysLife are getting more popular and have a great fan following on other social networks with the wide spread demography.

I will discuss the best practices of making daily vlogs in some other post but for now, to describe vlogs in a few lines, I would say the process of making videos regularly, just like you use to write diary for the daily happenings. This may include featuring your office routine or the time you spending time with your family and capturing the footage and upload  it for the world to watch.