YouTube started of as a small video sharing website and now it has become second most visited search site and third most visited website of the world. There are more than a million people who actually post original content and make money by just displaying ads on their videos. With billions of video views everyday YouTube has transformed from a video sharing website into a modern day phenomena. YouTube is a go-to for people who are looking for music videos, funny videos, tutorials, how-to’s, news, TV shows, movies, documentaries and YouTube original shows. Today we present to you a countdown of most watched videos of all time. These stats are collected today on 2nd July 2014.

 10. Bad Romance By Lady Gaga:  592,153,198 Views

Bad Romance gave a super boost to Lady Gaga’s career when it was released on 23rd November 2014. This video was a trend setter to say the least. It had the Lady Gaga signature beat and rhythm to it that a lot of people find addictive. Video went viral as soon as it was released and people from all across the world started following Lady Gaga’s music.

 9. Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus:  680,707,537 Views

This outrageous video had some critics saying that Miley Cyrus’s career is over but this ended up becoming her most viewed video of all time. Most of the critics agree that this video features absurd nudity and extremely inappropriate behavior but the chorus of the song is catchy and the subject is appealing to masses. Released on 9th September 2013 some people speculate that this video will be in top 5 after few months.

8. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” By Shakira (Ft. Freshlyground):  697,837,868 Views

This happy song deserves to be in top 10. This is official song of FIFA World Cup 2010 (South Africa) and it was released on 4th June 2010. This video features scenes from previous world cups and of course Shakira’s dancing. The catchy nature of the song and the fact that it was the official song for the second largest sporting event of the world were enough to make it viral as soon as it was released.

7. Gentleman By PSY:  704,874,832 Views

Another K-Pop wonder this song has absolutely nothing to offer other than the same beat and rhythm that every K-Pop song has. Critics argue that this song just got viral because of huge success of PSY’s first single Gangnam Style. This video was released on 13th April 2013 and has managed to keep staying in the top.

6. Party Rock Anthem By LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock: 706,736,150 Views

This is LMFAO’s break through single and the video went viral as soon as it was released. This electronic pop song had a very catchy tune that attracted millions of viewers. As the name suggests it quickly became a anthem for Parties and this video gave a new life to party music.

5. Love the Way You Lie By Eminem featuring Rihanna:  711,611,902 views

No music related list is complete without Slim Shady. Eminem throws an amazing performance in this great song and Rihanna’s chorus gels in great. The video features Megan Fox so in the end it became a awesome combo of great music and charisma.

4. Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!  By Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr: 733,335,134 Views

Among the top 10 most viewed videos of all time this is the only one that is not a music video. Cute Kids ? Check ! Awesome accent ? Check ! this video was a cuteness overload. One of the oldest viral videos of the internet this  video clip of two brothers is just awesome.

3. On the Floor By Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull: 764,522,302 Views

Party music is quite understandably the most viewed music genre of the world. Adding Pitbull is a formula for a hit pop song these days. This video looks like this will stay in top 10 for next few years.

2. Baby by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris: 1,055,096,367 Views

Oh Justin Justin ! Justin Bieber’s great summer song and one of his best, this song was released on Feb 19th 2010. Video was released when was still a early teenager and he was the ultimate boy next door. This proved to be Justin Bieber’s greatest song of all time targeting young people who make a big part of YouTube viewers. Critics argue that Justin Bieber wont be able to create such a catchy song after his crazy puberty hit and the controversies surround him.

1. Gangnam Style by Psy: 2,029,418,252 Views

The first video in the history of internet to hit billion views, that is right BILLION with a B. Gangnam Style is a Korean Pop music video that surfaced on 15th July 2012 and it broke all records within months of its release. Gangnam Style introduced the world to a new genre K-pop which then went on to become the basis of their second hit song Gentlemen. PSY became an international sensation after the release of this video and people from across the planet started rocking to this Korean jam.