No better time for Luis Suarez to land a deal with Europe’s one of the best clubs. Football or soccer whatever you call it, but the fact you can’t deny is $120 million is boatload of money. Yeah! that’s right, $120 million to be paid to liverpool for a player who nibble on deals like this.

Unlike any other sports, in football players don’t get a contract directly before the team itself sell the player to another team. So in case of Suarez’s transfer, it would be a deal between Barcelona who is going to pay £70 million to Liverpool for Luis Suarez. Obviously Suarez will not be left out on this deal, as after this deal, Suarez will get to sign his deal with Barcelona, not to mention the deal Suarez signed last December last year with Liverpool according to which he was getting paid  £200,000 per week. So expect this deal to be even bigger this time.


Suarez has always been a controversial figure. Even before the world cup 2014, Suarez bitten opponents twice when he played for Ajax in 2010 and Liverpool in 2013. He also faced a ban in 2011 for racial abuse in the field.

So it seems that this is enough for Liverpool, thought the tension was always there between the management of Liverpool and Suarez but now is the time to land a deal for the betterment of the club. Barcelona is the best option for Suarez as well because his wife lives there, though the deal is not on the papers yet, but it would be no surprise when you will watch Suarez playing with Messi and Neymar for Barcelona.