This is a well established fact that a lot of stuff we see in science fiction movies becomes a reality after some years. SCiO is one of them.

SCiO is the most advanced hand held molecular sensor of the world. This pocket sized spectrometer scans objects like food, plants, medication, oil and fuels, plastic wood and many more and tells you chemical composition of scanned material. In layman’s term it is a small device that you can carry in your pocket and connect it with your smart phone and you can use it to scan stuff to get some useful information.The SCiO mobile app allows you to choose a specific SCiO application from the available options. Once you choose the app you need, you are ready to scan.

SCiOWhen you buy a Scio you will be able to scan a food item and it will tell you calories, carbs, sugars, and much more. If you decide to scan a fruit or vegetable it will tell you if its fully ripe or not and if its sweet or not. It can even tell you the quality of medication and health of your plants, right out of the box.

Scio is developed by Consumer Physics Inc. and it started as a KickStarter project. Consumer Physics used tagline SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket SCiOMolecular Sensor For All ! Crowd’s over whelming response to Scio made it one of the most popular KickStarter success story. This project was successfully funded on June 15. A total of 12,958 people backed this project and pledged $2,762,571. Yes you read it right 2.76 million US Dollars. The project presented a revolutionary idea that looked really cool. So cool that people pledged beyond expectations and not a lot of people paid attention to the fact the actual product’s expected shipping date is March 2015. Initially Consumer Physics projected date of release to be December 2014 but now it has been delayed to March 2015. They posted all the details related to the functionality and usage of the device and also the Backer’s reward section that attracted thousands of potential consumers.

The project quickly became popular because of its ‘magical and unbelievable’ nature. Mainstream news channels and websites like CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Time, The Huffington, Bloomberg, Mashable and TechChrunch have featured SCiO in their news bulletins and articles.

Every time a consumer uses SCiO they can upload and tag the molecular details of the object to a centralized database creating a database of knowledge about the stuff around us. This will in turn make the device smarter and the whole community can benefit from the this.

SCiO Details


Here is a list of things that you will be able to do when you get your SCiO.

  • Get nutritional facts about different kinds of food: salad dressings, sauces, fruits, cheeses, and much more.
  • See how ripe an Avocado is, through the peel!
  • Find out the quality of your cooking oil.
  • Know the well being of your plants.
  • Analyze soil or hydroponic solutions.
  • Authenticate medications or supplements.
  • Upload and tag the spectrum of any material on Earth to a centralized database.

Keep this in mind that this device is still in development so there is still a lot to come and the uploading feature of the app really opens a new world. The device and app will get smarter everyday. Imagine you walking down the isle in fruit section and people pointing laser sort of thing at watermelon going “No ! Not this one”  “This one isn’t sweet either ” 🙂 this will become a reality next year.

All of the early bird prices and introductory offerings have ended and now a SCiO will cost you $250 not including the shipping. Besides SCiO there is SCiO Application Developer Kit (ADK) and Researcher Kit available on Consumer Physics’s website. The app will work with iPhone 4S or later and Android 4.3 and later.