Youtube News: Ray William Johnson starts his own production studio with Julian Smith. Ray has left maker studios and now started to work with Julian Smith. Julian is a great comedian and I really like his videos.  I wish and hope that they both get even more BIG on youtube. Good Luck Ray!
Details: For those that have been following Ray William Johnson’s Twitter account the last three days, you’ll know that he recently partnered up with Julian Smith of Papertown and started his own production studio. Ray and his girlfriend Anna Akana (a YouTube creator herself) have been tweeting out pictures of the progress they’ve made in building and moving into the new studio. From the looks of it, Ray and his team have found a great home for =3 and the future projects they’ll be working on since leaving Maker Studios.
For a long time RWJ was having a dispute over the revenue of “Raywilliamjohnson” channel and the production cost of “Yourfavoritemartian” album, so he left Maker Studios a month ago and now he has started this new production studio.
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