Wednesday July 16th 2014, Israeli naval shelling kills four more boys in the Gaza strip. As for the attempts of Egyptian government officials the seize fire could not be hold. It has been more than eight days now since Israeli aircraft has took offensive position against the locals of Gaza.

According to other news resources Israeli defense minister Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet to authorize the mobilization of another 8,000 reserve troops. The military has said that around 30,000 reservists have been called up since the Israeli offensive began a week ago.

Gaza CitySpokesman from Gaza health ministry said that the latest shelling on the innocent Gazan’s killed four more kids – two aged 10 and the other two were 9 and 11. They were all reportedly to be killed on the beach of Gaza Strip. A witness from Gaza Strip said “those kids we playing on the beach when the Israeli naval start shelling on them.”

Locals in Gaza have nowhere to go right now, as they feared death from the Israeli air attacks, adding more to Israeli aggression an Israeli official said “the direction now is to continue air strikes and, if needed, enter with the ground forces in a tactical, measured manner”.

Now only the time will tell, when and how is this going to end and innocent kids of Gaza Strip can breath without any fear.