There are many videos I have created to promote the awareness about how you can earn money on youtube and what other people are making on youtube. There are supposed to be more than 100k people who are making decent income on youtube by creating original content for their subscribers and viewers.

Most subscribed youtube channel as of July 2014 is PewDiePie, who has more than 28 million subscribers in all and has more than 4 billion youtube video views, combined on all of his videos. Recently Forbes posted an article in which they made a very conservative estimate of $4 million as PewDiePie’s yearly income. Not to mention youtube is a job, which doesn’t require your traveling or any expense that any other job needs.

How much money youtube make everyday


So if a most subscriber guy is making $4 million every year, how much money youtube is making everyday? The answer can be precisely measured from the yearly revenue of youtube. According to stats youtube’s last year revenue is $5.6 billion. This figure of $5.6  billion is when solved for a day, it comes out to be over $15.5 million. Obviously $15.5 million is for the website which is 3rd most visited in the world. But still, youtube may not be the 3rd most revenue making website considering the high cost of handling its high traffic and the cost of the servers which host 400 years of video everyday.