As the dust settles after the inhumane military operation of Israel against innocent civilians of Gaza, death toll of children and women has risen to 810. There should be no doubt that Israel is committing war crimes and Israel’s atrocities and apartheid  have been shamelessly portrayed by mainstream western media as an action of self defense. It seems like everyone in this world has very strong opinion about the issue but lets try to shed some light on how our Pakistani Youth is responding to this. We have witnessed great show of solidarity from Pakistani Youth with our Muslim brethren in Gaza and this is actually an integral part of our faith. But when our youth uses internet as a mean of expression it raises some issues that need to be addressed in a logical way. Here are a some of those issues.

  1. We watch fake videos fake pictures and read false and misleading stories on the Internet and share them right away. There is a video of Israel’s Prime minister saying that they intend to maximize civilian causalities, this video is fake. No human in this world can ever defend or justify the barbaric activities of Israel authorities but that video is fake and original video is of secretary of the state Hillary Clinton delivering remarks with Israeli Prime Minister in her 2012 visit to Israel. During last two months our youth has shared old videos that were made to look like they were new and some really gruesome images which does not reflect a healthy mind.
  2. We discuss religion and other topics that we don’t have any idea about.  Islam specifically forbids us to pass on any non-confirmed piece ofGazainformation and it tells us to double check any news before spreading it. I am pretty sure that all of our social networking posts reflect the anger and anguish we have against Israel’s Government and its apartheid of Palestinian land but we need to make sure that we follow the instructions of Islam in expressing our emotions.
  3. Sometimes we do all the arguments and discussions for our own intellectual satisfactions. This particular issue lies within our well educated youth specifically in 20 to 30 year old men and women. This is the age where most of us suffer from the very common know-it-all-syndrome. This is the age when they are fresh, determined to change the world and they have endless energy, both mentally and physically but what they don’t know is intellectual maturity does not necessarily come with education. So wherever they go whichever platform they have, they use it to let people know that they know a lot about world and how everything works but sadly most of the time they are wrong.
  4. Our current moral and social values require us to stop and think about ourselves before trying to fix other countries. I never intend to say nor I will ever think that each and every one of us is morally corrupt but truth of the matter is that we live in a country where you need to put a chain to a glass next to a water fountain/cooler, where the meat shop is selling meat from rotten corpses and meat from donkey and all sorts of different haaraam sources, where the milkman adds 70% water in 30% milk, most of the things that you buy, from candies to vegetables, are contaminated, where every single product in the market is overpriced, where everybody has a little Zardari in them and everybody is doing their level of corruption from top to the lowest level of society.

  5. No country in this world can have their say in any international issue unless they have great financial and military resources.
    As many as 58.7 million people in Pakistan are living in multidimensional poverty with 46 per cent of rural population and 18 per cent of urban households falling below the poverty line, says a survey report. Balouchistan is most affected by this with 52% of the households living under poverty threshold. Quality health, education, water, proper nourishment, sanitation, transportation and sports infrastructure is considered a privilege. Our national debt has exceeded trillions of dollars and inflation rate is at all-time high. You can blame anyone for our poor economic situation whether it be constant fear of political de-stability and our crippled democratic system, or corruption at higher levels of government or our inability to create an effective foreign policy. But on the military side one can argue that with limited available resources we have made great progress and we are always in top 10 of the world when comes to any aspect of military power including nuclear warfare, conventional warfare, special operations and intelligence and espionage. But to use this military power you need to have a strong economic and strategic backbone.
  6. We never do anything substantial or impactful for this cause and even our own country and we disrespect and hate a person who is actually doing something good based on their religious sect and political affiliation.Nawaz Sharif’s acts of donations to people in Gaza and preservance of Friday July 25th as black day, although only symbolic but, are appreciable but I saw a random comment on this news that said “Ganjay asiay Kuch nahi hoga mezaail maar”. Hafiz Saeed gave a ridiculous comment on the long march by PTI and PAT saying “why don’t they address the issue of Palestine”. In my opinion these comments were absolute senseless and immature. Another fact is that almost all of the content we share on social networks including thought provoking videos that condemn Israel’s acts and the videos that enlighten us about the history of the region are sadly all made in a non-Muslim country by non-Muslims. These include videos of Rabbi Dovid Weiss exposing Zionism, Madea Benjamin of Code Pink supporting Gaza, Jon Snow raising voice against Israeli genocide, George Galloway roasting a naïve caller, history of the conflict in a simple small animated video and history of the conflict by RT . This shows that this is not a religious conflict it is a humanitarian crisis. Then there are some extremely negative and conspiracy theorist people among us that start commenting on these videos “eh saaray rallay nay”(meaning these are all working together). I am sure all of the mentioned have done way much more for this cause than any regular Pakistani.There are many ways that we can cope with all of these issues and I have discussed them in another article.