Did apple able to bring anything innovative with iPhone 6? iPhone 6 and its release with iWatch and iPhone 6 Plus is predicted to have a great impact on the market. Apple’s loyal fan are still hungry for better camera but the iOS is upgraded and A8 processor is introduced in both new models. The initial cost of iPhone 6 is $199 and $299 for iPhone 6 Plus. Larger screen with apple pay service introduced to its users will eliminate the worries for being competed with Samsung Galaxy S5 screen size. Though the camera of both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remains the same as per its predecessor but, it still is a promising gadget for 2014.

iPhone 6 is out now!!! This iPhone is bigger, better and faster. It has different new features which will change the internet billing that you do online. Apple pay is a system that is introduced in all three new devices will allow its users to use their devices as a credit/debit card.

iWatch will also be soon available for the purchase and it would cost $349. This iWatch will keep track of your daily activity, amount of calories you need to intake and the amount of calories you have to burn in a day will all be measured and track by this iWatch.