As the world’s most celebrated event come to a conclusive end we would like to join the football pundits in having a crack at the predictions for FIFA World Cup 2014 final. All the Semi Finalists are well deserving teams and they have played their hearts out to get to this point. There were some upsets and 3 major names of the football world defending champion Spain, star studded Italy and some critic’s hot favorite England got out in the very first round of the world cup. Now according to some experts the names in the Semi Finals are not a surprise. All four teams in semi finals are well deserving and they had to go through all the extra times and penalty shoot outs to get here. We would like to weigh in on the predictions for the winner of semi finals.


Brazil vs Germany First Semi Final

In their quarter final battle against Columbia, Brazil have lost two of their most important players. Tiago Silva conceded a well deserving yellow card with a harsh tackle and Neymar took a knee to his back which damaged his vertebra and he is out of this world cup.  Tiago Silva is the center piece of Brazilian defense and he scored the winner against Columbia and Neymar is the young heartthrob of brazillians. Without these two Brazil will have a really hard time to win against a well oiled machine like Germany.

Our Prediction

Germany Will Win

Argentina vs Netherlands Second Semi Final

This is expected to be one of the greatest matches of this world cup. Both teams have great potential and they have world class players. This is Argentina’s first semi final since 1994 and the Dutch hold the record for playing the most World Cup finals without ever winning the tournament. They finished second in the 1974, 1978, and 2010 World Cups, losing to West Germany, Argentina, and Spain respectively. So both of the teams have a long winning drought and both will play out of their skins to win this semi final. Netherlands will have an advantage of having great midfield and defense.

Our Prediction

Argentina Will Win

World Cup Final Will be Argentina Vs Germany