23 05, 2013

Top Ten on Youtube: you tube 25th May, 2013

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Top 10 on youtube 25th May 2013PewDiePie got more than 31 Million video views and he is a clear winner week.SkyDoesMinecraft got almost 29 million video views and he is at second spot.RoosterTeeth got more than 18 million video views dropping from last week’s number 1 spot to 3 this week.BlueXephos stands at 4th spot with […]

16 04, 2013

What You Need To Do On Internet? #CollegeHumor

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Today I was just browsing through the internet and I came across the College Humor’s post. This one is awesome and all the credits of this picture goes to those creative minds of CollegeHumor who are keeping us all entertain on youtube as well as their website. A big thumbs up for them.

15 01, 2013

Youtube Partners Earnings: Vash12349

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Updated StatsChannel Name: Vash12349Video Views Per Day: 34,000Current Number of Subscribers: 82100Current Number of Views: 91,362,000Estimated Earnings Per Day: $44″Welcome To Vash’s Gaming Insanity. Grab Your Haterade And Enjoy The Show”Yeah! This video is about how much money does VASH12349 earn on youtube. Vash started his gaming channel some 4 years back and he has been […]

10 01, 2013

Youtube Partners Earnings: DeStorm

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Updated StatsChannel Name: DeStormVideo Views Per Day: 120,000Current Number of Subscribers: 1,253,357Current Number of Views: 187,375,415Estimated Earnings Per Day: $155Youtube Partners are earning money on youtube and a very good number of youtubers are making enough to make a living out of youtube earnings. Here’s one of the most famous musician on youtube the rapper’s name is DeStorm. […]