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16 04, 2013

What You Need To Do On Internet? #CollegeHumor

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Today I was just browsing through the internet and I came across the College Humor’s post. This one is awesome and all the credits of this picture goes to those creative minds of CollegeHumor who are keeping us all entertain on youtube as well as their website. A big thumbs up for them.

27 11, 2012

Ray William Johnson Starts His Own Production Studio

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Youtube News: Ray William Johnson starts his own production studio with Julian Smith. Ray has left maker studios and now started to work with Julian Smith. Julian is a great comedian and I really like his videos.  I wish and hope that they both get even more BIG on youtube. Good Luck Ray!Details: For […]

24 11, 2012


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Hello guys!In this important post I want to write about the VEVO net income, I’m not going to tell you guys the net worth of VEVO channels on youtube but this will give you a fair estimate about the income of VEVO channels on youtube, so these top vevo channels on youtube, which are […]

20 11, 2012

Daily Vlogs: Pros and Cons

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I will start this post by defining “Daily Vlogs”. Making and sharing your everyday stuff with people on the internet through videos is called vlogging. Vlog is also called video-log or video-diary. There are a lot of youtube partners who are making a living out of daily vlogs, for example there is 0TyMoss0, Shaytards, […]