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21 07, 2014

SASS: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

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The best part of web designing is editing CSS. Cascade Style Sheets otherwise known as CSS is used to give the look that every website has. As you dive into the depth of designing complex web pages, you sometimes require CSS syntax that needs to be written again and again, same as the case for […]

16 07, 2014

A Farewell to Orkut

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If you say the word Orkut in front of teenagers they will probably go “WHAT ???” . Orkut is one of the oldest social networking website of the world and last week Orkut sent an Email to all of its users saying that Orkut will close its services on 30th September 2014.

Orkut was developed […]

15 07, 2014


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Here’s a list of top must see digital design web resources. Whether you are a web designer or simply an internet user, design is something that catches your eyes even before the content of the website. Web Design, User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) are getting mainstream everyday. Unlike 2005-2006, customer/visitor/user today has […]

30 06, 2014

Facebook Reviews Your Status

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Gone are those days when you think that whatever you on internet with privacy settings on, it will keep all your secrets. A news that just broke out couple of days ago has spread as a fire in the forest. According to which “Facebook researchers held a controversial psychology experiment on users”.

Today, the researchers came […]