15 01, 2013

Youtube Partners Earnings: Vash12349

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Updated StatsChannel Name: Vash12349Video Views Per Day: 34,000Current Number of Subscribers: 82100Current Number of Views: 91,362,000Estimated Earnings Per Day: $44″Welcome To Vash’s Gaming Insanity. Grab Your Haterade And Enjoy The Show”Yeah! This video is about how much money does VASH12349 earn on youtube. Vash started his gaming channel some 4 years back and he has been […]

19 11, 2012

Why Max Left The Creature Hub?

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Max, otherwise known as Gassy Mexican is no longer the part of The Creatures Hub. He said that Dan and Jordan were having issues with him. Max had no issues with any other member of Creatures. In his video Max seems really disappointed with that decision but he said that he will keep making […]

2 11, 2012


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Updated Stats(single channel only):Channel Name: MachinimaVideo Views Per Day: 2,210,131Current Number of Subscribers: 5,048,400Current Number of Views: 3,767,187,211Estimated Earnings Per Day: $2845 Youtube is number three most visited website on the internet. Containing millions of active users, Youtube gets around 4 Billion unique visits daily and that’s not it. Youtube started a program […]