There are more or less 5 billion people in this world who have watched or played football, and fortunately or unfortunately, for Uruguay SUAREZ is one of them. Suarez is one of the most famous “star” from the team Uruguay. I have personally seen him play for Liverpool in English Premier League. When on the field, he tends to play decent soccer if his club/country is winning or at least have a good lead over the opponent. But Suarez from Liverpool or more appropriately Suarez from Uruguay has a lot to do if he thinks that his team needs something extra ordinary from him. He has been center of attention because of his controversial fowl or as some people use to call it “Suarez Bite”.

Luis Suarez, these days, is happen to appear in news more than any other player (ok, other than Messi, Van Persie and Neymar). But his appearance in the news didn’t bring anything good for his team. He’s out of the 8 international matches that Uruguay will play in coming half year. It took us all by surprise when Luis Suarez took a bite from an Italian player Ivanovic. It was then when both jumped to head the ball to their respective team members but in the way Suarez couldn’t handle his passion for winning the ball.

I know Suarez made a mistake but may be, may be… he was hungry for pizza and the Italian players appeared to him as pizza. Or may be Suarez had some pain in his gums which he wanted to get rid of by rubbing his gums and teeth over Ivanovic’s shoulder. People in this world are so cruel, I mean seriously, a ban for 8 matches? Just for a bite, in an international world event? I mean they could have let it go if someone is just taking a bite in an unconventional method at wrong time.

But on a serious note, Suarez’s bite cost Uruguay a chance to get their hands on the world cup. But as they say, everything happens for a reason and maybe this is a very valid reason for a team to lose a FIFA world cup. I feel bad for Italians as well as they lost the match and were out of the world cup 2014 in the first round.