Avada is one of the most sold theme among all the wordpress themes. Avada is categorized as an E-Commerce theme, which dowels into the depth of online market of wordpress themes. Taking into the accounts the number of times this theme has been sold will make your mind go crazy. But then there are multimillion dollar questions that pop in the mind by just watching its stats. Questions like

  • What makes this theme standout among the crowd of themes?
  • How can I make Avada fit my business needs?
  • If everybody is using it, how can I make my website different then others?
  • Is this theme worth it?

The question “what makes Avada standout among the crowd of themes?” can be answered in a whole new post, because of its diversity. There are dozens of features that make Avada different than many other themes. Although the stats of Avada speak for themselves but once you purchase it, you will see the reason why Avada is different than many other themes.

Features: The price for Avada theme is $55, which is I would say more than justify with the features it provides. The features include

  • Responsive websites
  • Retina ready (works flawlessly on retina display devices)
  • Various colors and fonts availability
  • WooCommerce integration
  • 5 header designs and premium slider
  • Multilingual ready

For programmers and developers out there is so much to play with the Php on Avada theme. For faster loading of pages on browsers and better Search Engine Optimization the JS is moved out of header.

How can you make Avada fit for you needs? The answer is simple, you just have to populate it with the stuff you have to offer to your customers and WooCommerce integration of Avada would do the rest. You will have to submit the information about your bank or paypal account, and the shopping cart feature will allow your users to buy it directly from your website. You can get Avada to fit in your business needs from changing the colors of the theme to go with the one you have for your business to adding custom widgets.

There is so much for the “Beginners” in Avada theme. You can grow your website and present it anywhere you like by just tweaking with a few colors and images from the basic theme. The built in SEO optimization and its fast speed makes it easy for you to do the rest. Though Sliders are not more thought as cool things to have on your website, but if used with speed optimized techniques they can come really handy for your visitors to convert them into leads and eventually a customer.

Avada ThemeThe answer to the last question is easy, and it is “YES, it’s worth it”. Spending $55 on a theme like Avada would definitely not change the look of your business but it surely will keep the visitors to engage and think about the products that you have on your website. The features of blog and portfolio can also come handy if you have to showcase your skills and writings on your website.

So all in all, Avada is one of the best themes if not the best, when it comes down to features and options you can play with for your website. May be this is the sole reason that the developers of AVADA are relying on this theme, updating its features and didn’t have publish any other theme other in the market.