Earlier today Amazon launched their new product called Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is essentially a voice activated personal assistant just like Siri or Google Now or Cortana but instead of being a part of a mobile OS Amazon Echo is a 9 inches speaker that also features a mic and it is listening to your command 24X7 you just have to speak out its wake up word which is ‘Alexa’ and it will start listening to you.

This morning Amazon published a 4 minute YouTube commercial which basically describes all of the functionality of Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo actually features a speaker that has 360 degree sound and it stands 9 inches tall and has a 2 inch tweeter in a 2.5 inch woofer. The introductory price is $200 for non-members and 99 bucks for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Echo uses far-field voice recognition which means that you can place the speaker anywhere in the room and it will start listening to you and as soon as you say ‘Alexa’ do something it will do it for you. For the first version of product amazon has included features like general information from the Internet, music, news, weather and all of the basic features that you would get in a personal assistant. The great thing about Amazon Echo is that it’s connected to the cloud so it’s always learning from the Internet and it’s always getting smarter. This is a perfect product for the people who actually want to feel like Iron Man with his Jarvis but for now the features of this product are not as advanced as Jarvis’s.Amazon will definitely add more features to make this product smarter in future.

Right now I believe Amazon Prime members or people who order products from Amazon regularly could certainly use this proAmazon Echoduct because I very neat feature in Amazon Echo is that lets you add products to your shopping cart just from your voice command. So if you run out of anything you can just go ahead and say Alexa “add this to my shopping list”  and it will instantly add it to your shopping cart on amazon. Along side having bluetooth connectivity it also comes with an app that you can install on your phone or tablet and control it from anywhere. Another possible usage can be as Bluetooth speaker and you can play music right from your app if you are not in the same room. closer tool Amazon.

So thanks to Amazon Echo this holiday season instead of buying those over priced wireless speakers you can buy your loved one a personal assistant that feels so futuristic it will make you feel like you are a part of a fiction film.