People always talk about having a million dollar idea but they fail to execute and the excuse they have is “lake of capital”. Its inevitable fact that being a millionaire won’t help you in any case even if you have the “million dollar idea” but you don’t know how to execute it. So it is highly important that you know how to make a business million dollar business. As a matter of fact you can’t become a millionaire in one day unless you won some crazy million dollar lottery, so their must exist a road map to become a millionaire if you’re not one.

To become the next millionaire you should track your expense and cash the opportunities laying in front of you. Maximizing profits and cutting the flow of expense could not be easy as it seems but here are the top 5 easy steps to get you closer to your dream of becoming a millionaire.

Buy things you need, not the things you want
Often we misunderstand the difference between what we want and what we need. The never ending desires of getting more things is killing thousands of dreams everyday, without us knowing. You should clearly draw a line between your needs and your luxuries that you want to have in your life and then spend only on the things you need.

Spend less than you earn
As simple as it may sound, this is one necessary step that you have to should start working on from today. Spend less than you earn means start saving for your future today.

Plan how you are going to pay off tomorrow the things you are buying today
Buying stuff that you think you can pay off tomorrow is one of the very bold step that you need to take it wisely. Plan before you buy. Plan how will you pay off before buying anything on credit. As they say “return the investor his money before even eating anything from your business”.

Exercise patience
One of the best practices you need to have is patience. Patience can turns wreck to riches. The quality of self control on an unexpected loss or win can take you as far as dream you want. Start saving and make the most of this practice and soon you will see an enormous amount of change in the way you take your business.

Use automatic pay check deduction
Before you start spending money on things you need you need to save up some. It may sound a little crazy but the reality is that when you don’t have much to spend, you won’t spend. The important part is you save money even before it reaches you, and the best method to do this is to use automatic pay check deduction to another account that you are saving the money in.